Know What Beer Suits Your Taste

The unlimited realm of beer equates to an overwhelming number of available drinking selections in any bar. From bold IPAs to classic lagers to funky sour ales, every beer type has more sub-groups than drinkers are aware of. Determining what particular kinds of San Diego imported beer look and taste like can help you narrow down toward knowing which one is your favorite a lot easier. Here are some common type of beers you need to know:

Pale ale

Usually, pale ales are hoppy yet contain lesser alcohol content compared to IPAs. A lot of pale ale types— American amber ale, English pale ale, blonde ale, American pale ale—are easy to drink, medium-bodied, and malty.


This type of beer is mainly originated from the Czech Republic. Pilsners are under the category of lager. German pilsners provide a crisp flavor and pale gold color. Meanwhile, Czech pilsners have higher bitterness and a bit darker.


Porter, which can be found mainly in the United Kingdom, has a dark color similar to stouts because they have similar ingredients such as dark-roasted malts or chocolate. Porters usually taste less similar to coffee compared to stouts and it has a chocolatier feel to it.

Belgian beer

Over the years, the rich beer culture in Belgium has poured into the United States as it provides enthusiasts on this portion due to its extensive types of Belgian-style flavors, which range from sour ales, fruity beers, dark ales, and pale ales. These different flavors offer information and equipment for establishments, bars, and restaurants basically recognizes this type of beer as something that carries spicy, sweet, and fruity flavors with low bitterness and high alcohol content.

Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Drinking Indian Pale Ale requires some getting the hang of it. But as soon as you get used to the taste of Indian Pale Ale, it could be one of your favorite ales in the world. This type of beer can be harsh, great, and fruity as well. You will eventually find it difficult to switch back to other types of beer after getting used to drinking IPAs. This beer contains 4 up to 9 percent of alcohol content. Hence, you should drink moderately because you can possibly get knocked out after 4 up to 5 shots if your try to drink it fast. Make sure the give some time for your body to adjust. Laguinta’s Hop Stoopid and Bells Two Hearted are two of the best IPAs ever.

Sour beer

The popularity of sour beers over the U.S peaked in the last several years as it turned out to be an inviting beverage to those who are looking for something new or to widen their knowledge about beer palates. Sour beers are highly tart, which can take on different shapes, such as lemony Berliner Weisse beer, fruity Flanders ale, and Lambic beer. If you marry sweet and sour fruits like peach, raspberry, or cherry, you can make a distinct flavor to your sour beer compared to IPAs of yore and lagers. It is up to you which addition you prefer to create that unique taste.

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